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Herend Artist Event
Herend Artist Event

October 19th & 20th

World famous Herend porcelain is hand crafted in Herend, Hungary in a modern Manufactory that is steeped in porcelain making traditions observed more than 600 years ago. The Master Artist training program has its roots in Europe’s 15th century Guild System whereby an aspiring master spent years progressing from apprentice to journeyman and finally to the opportunity to be considered a master craftsman. Only the cream-of-the crop, most skilled and adept artists complete the rigorous master training course to reach the pinnacle designation of “masters of the craft,” a title revered by those in their own profession and the public alike. Of Herend’s hundreds of artists, only 28 currently hold this distinction.

To achieve the title of Master, a Herend artist must excel in designing a form and its ornamentation; designing its manufacturing process; choosing, preparing and using the raw and auxiliary materials, as well as the tools and instruments necessary to make the piece; improving product quality and eliminating all errors; teaching the craft and providing expert opinion and consultation; and exhibiting the highest professional and aesthetic standards.

The final requirement is to create a masterpiece that must be approved by the Guild Masters. It must be unique and meet the highest professional and aesthetic standards. If the Guild Masters conclude the piece meets superior standards, the artist is granted the rare designation of Herend Master Artist.

Only Master Artists are entitled to sign their signatures on a piece of Herend porcelain. This signature along with the Herend hallmark is the customer’s guarantee that it is an authentic piece of Herend possessing all the qualities attached to this supreme Hungarian porcelain.

Founded in 1826, Herend continues to make one of the world’s finest handcrafted hard paste porcelains. Each piece of Herend porcelain is entirely hand painted, and many items are made by hand like the open work items, several of the finials and woven baskets. No other porcelain manufacturer comes close to providing the range of patterns or items as Herend. There are literally thousands of shapes available in over 5,000 different patterns. In fact, in dinner plates alone Herend makes over 30 variations of shapes and sizes.

Below is a selection of some of the special pieces provided for the master artist event - most are only seen at the Artist events.

Purchase one of these pieces before the 20th and have Master Artist Marianna Steigervald personalize it for you.
Please feel free to call us at 800-397-8477 for assistance with any questions.
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