Marfa Garden: The Wonders of Dry Desert Plants


Marfa Garden: The Wonders of Dry Desert Plants

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Marfa Garden

The Wonders of Dry Desert Plants

Jim Fissel (author), Martha Hughes (author), Jim Martinez (author), Mary Lou Saxon (author), Dallas Baxter (foreword)

A stunning guide celebrating the flowering plants of the Chihuahuan Desert

Marfa Garden is a full-color celebration of more than sixty flowering plants of the Chihuahuan Desert and neighboring regions. The desert, North America’s second largest at 140,000 square miles, spans West Texas, parts of New Mexico and Arizona, and northern Mexico. It is a surprising showcase for colorful plant diversity.

Presented in a style reminiscent of naturalist Karl Blossfeldt’s Art Forms in Nature, the book includes an array of vines, grasses, trees, herbs, shrubs, cacti, and succulents ranging from the little known to the popular and iconic. Photographs show plants in year-round cycles, with buds, complex foliage, unfolding blooms, seed pods, and winter texture and color.

Also included is a discussion of each plant’s common and scientific names, historical information, and garden use. A visual appendix of botanical and gardening information consists of illustrations relating close-up botanical details. Gardeners, naturalists, landscape designers, architects, and anyone interested in dry gardens or the Southwest will find great value and joy in Marfa Garden.

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