Texas Modern: Redefining Houses in the Lone Star State


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 Showcases contemporary residential architecture and design across the state of Texas, by renowned America-based architects and designers

• Augments Images Publishing’s particularly large range of successful books on contemporary residential architecture and design

• Features stunning full-color photography throughout, informative descriptions and detailed floor plans

• Contextualizes with an introduction by an acclaimed expert on the profound influences of key architecture and design practitioners and the topic of building in variable environments throughout Texas

Forget the Texas you thought you once knew, put aside those cattle ropin’ preconceptions and make way for Texas Modern, a close look into the Lone Star State’s innovative contemporary architecture and design scenes. Showcasing a stunning range of modern homes, this book will inspire best-design practice and spur on lifestyle dreams. Set out with beautiful full-color photography and laden with intricate plans and drawings, Texas Modern delves into the finer details of trending architectural styles. The exquisite kitchens, glorious living spaces, sumptuous bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms, spectacular outdoor entertaining areas, and other delightful spaces, including a private yoga studio, will have you seriously reconsidering any notion of architectural convention across this larger-than-life and totally unique American state.

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