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Michael Aram

Gooseberry Frame - Nickel

Gooseberry Frame - Nickel


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The Michael Aram Gooseberry Collection was inspired by the delicate beauty found in the naturally decaying foliage of the cape gooseberry. As the fruit matures, the lace-like veining that remains in the outer shell creates ghostly, other-worldly textures and shapes.

"I'm fascinated by the change that this seemingly simple little fruit undergoes in its lifecycle. Although I love the taste of them, what really captures my attention is the casting that is often called a Chinese lantern. I also have a nostalgic association with them. Once a year there is a harvest of cape gooseberries in North India and the streets are full of pushcarts stacked high with bundles of them. It's a joyful image that inspires a sense of hope and enthusiasm."

    • Holds 5x7 Photo

  • 10.25"L x 8.25"W

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