Hometown Texas


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Hometown Texas

Joe Holley (author), Peter Brown (photographs)

Photographs and stories that explore the people and landscapes of small-town Texas

Peter Brown and Joe Holley are interested in place and what makes people who they are. With particular interest in how people take the hand they’ve been dealt—fate, family, circumstance, luck—and craft a life for themselves, the authors celebrate the grit and gumption of these Texas originals. Introducing quirky characters and tenacious spirits, Holley’s stories seek out the personality of the small town while Brown’s photographs capture the essence of a changing landscape. Hometown Texas aims not to be nostalgic or sentimental but rather to show readers an unknown Texas—one that, while not vanishing, is certainly on the wane.

Organized into five topographical, geographic, and cultural sections—East, West, North, South, and Central—three dozen stories and more than eighty complementary images create a parallel narrative to reveal what Brown has described as the “collective, various, remarkably complex soul that makes Texas unique.”

Hometown Texas is an exploration across miles and cultures, of well-traveled roads and forgotten byways, deep into the heart of Texas.


“Beauty and strangeness is a theme of ‘Hometown Texas’. Both writer and photographer see things that most of us drive right past as we buzz through Bigfoot or Martindale or Waxahachie on the way to some place we think is better and more important. If anything, the book will make you think about taking your foot off the gas, in hopes of finding things are not what they seem.” 

 San Antonio Express-News

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