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Vagabond House

Lilacs Serving Bowl with Servers

Lilacs Serving Bowl with Servers


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Clusters of sweet, pewter lilacs drape the bowl edges of Vagabond House’s Wok Style Wood Salad Set. Crafted in the long wearing, hard wood acacia, the wok style bowl is accompanied by two wooden salad servers. Each server, a fork and spoon style is embellished with a pewter cap of lilac blooms. The cool pewter tones of the lilacs contrast beautifully with the warm, gold chatoyancy of the acacia bowl and servers.

Clusters and sprays of pure pewter lilacs adorn Vagabond House’s Lilac decorated products. The detail on each petite bloom is so realistic, you will swear you smell springtime every time you see them. The old-fashioned flowers have a new mission for their beauty, embellishing Vagabond House’s talked about tableware.

Size: 17" L / 16" W / 4.5" T
Care: Hand wash and air dry after use and once a year treat wood with food safe oil

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