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Papillon Water Clear

Papillon Water Clear


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Art aficionados applaud the superb craftsmanship and distinguished artistry found inherent in every piece of Varga Art Crystal. From the Varga design studios and forty person glassworks in Budapest, Hungary, famous team Ildiko and Sándor Varga - a third generation glass master - create crystal artwork that currently graces palaces, embassies, museums and celebrity homes around the globe. Collected by presidents, royalty, heads of state, dignitaries and the preferred choice of corporations for gifts and awards, each piece of Varga is an original - skillfully and creatively crafted, entirely by hand.

Imagine an artist moving his canvas against a fixed brush to create his masterpiece. This is the essence of the rare art of copper and diamond-wheel engraving that is practiced today only by a handful of highly skilled craftsmen. Varga's engravers work under the scrutinizing direction of Sándor Varga, transforming crystal into living works of art while achieving incredible depth, detail and brilliance. Varga Art Crystal's engraved masterworks whether stemware, giftware or original one-of-a-kind creations may require up to four months crafting. Varga Art Crystal is a tribute to the timeless elegance of Hungarian craftsmanship. Each hand-cut stem or intricately engraved crystal masterpiece is individually signed by hand. Owning Varga Art Crystal is for everyone who appreciates excellence.

Varga's full line of crystal offers the interested buyer a diverse selection in pattern as well as price point. The line is designed to satisfy divergence in taste and style. Sándor Varga is a prolific artist introducing pieces daily that span the gamut of a collector's interest, Emphasis is placed on quality rather than quantity, one of the keystones to the Varga Art Crystal name- a tradition that began with Grandfather Géza Varga. Today the family's special artistic heritage continues forward with the fourth generation sons of Ildiko and Sándor - perfecting the enduring legacy of the glass masters of Budapest, Hungary.

A family tradition of perfection in the design and hand crafting of diamond and copper-wheel engraved crystal art. As quoted in the Palm Beach Post "Varga's canvas is made of lead crystal, his brush of diamonds, and his audience of gold".

Cased crystal is identified as a glass piece that has two or more layers of different colors. The inner or outer layers of this glass can also be clear. You can view cased glass by peering inside a piece, such as a bowl or cup, and seeing a different color. In some instances, the outer layer of cased glass can be cut away in sections to bring out the color(s) of the previous casings beneath.

Cased glass is created in a couple of ways. One method involves blowing a new color inside of a piece that has already been created. Another process entails layering different colored glasses over each other. In each technique, the multiple layers of glasses are fused and blown out together to form the cased glass.


By hand
In order to prevent damage, glasses must be washed individually using warm water and a non-abrasive product*. We recommend using gentle care dishwasher tablets, which can also be used while washing by hand.

Tilt glass downwards and rinse under the faucet ending with the foot.

In the dishwasher
Set the dishwasher to the delicate cycle, with a maximum temperature of forty degrees. If the temperature is too high, a chemical reaction may occur that will dull the crystal, producing a milky color. We recommend using gentle care dishwasher tablets, which can also be used while washing by hand.

Separate and wedge the glasses so as to avoid them knocking together. Space the glasses far enough apart so that they cannot knock against each other.

Drying and wiping
Place the glasses on a towel or on an absorbent kitchen paper to drain, or wipe delicately while keeping the thumb outside of the body and holding the glass by the stem to minimize pressure.

Always use a lint-free fine cotton towel or a linen towel. Always put the glasses back in their boxes or stand them upright, without touching each other.


It is best not to leave wine in the decanters and to rinse them immediately after use. Decanters must be washed in warm water with a soft sponge and no detergent*. We recommend using gentle care dishwasher tablets, which can also be used while washing by hand.

Decanters should always be tidied away without a cap so as to allow for airing.

Better be safe than sorry!

In the long run, hard water can damage the crystal and leave a water line on the upper part of the vase.

If there is no mineral water available, it is recommended to change the water level daily when changing the water.

If your vase is heavy and bulky, and thus difficult to move, we suggest to not filling up the vase completely but to add water or even ice cubes on a daily basis.

Clean them with a soft cloth.
Anti-static detergents help to protect the items from dust

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